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With every project, we offer a diverse array of services, including building technologies, efficient energy solutions, and trustworthy service.

Building design

Enity team with many years of experience takes care of technical and operational projects while carrying out author supervision. We design in a 3D environment, prepare projects using building information modeling (BIM), and take care of:
  • Electrical engineering (lighting, power networks, lightning protection).
  • Automation of HVAC, fire extinguishing systems, smoke extraction systems, industrial plants, and lines.
  • Lighting, building management systems.
  • Weak currents (security and fire alarms, video surveillance, access control, public address, telephone locks) systems.
  • Telecommunications and computer networks, server architecture, data centers, and Wi-Fi connection planning.

Building engineering

Infrastructure and data centers
We design and integrate various solutions that meet the telecommunications needs of our clients. Considering the requirements, technical possibilities of the project, network topology, and existing infrastructure, we propose outdoor and indoor infrastructure, server, and intelligent solutions. We find tailored solutions for you, from setting up sensitive data center facilities to operating engineering systems with the highest level of security provided.
Security solutions
We collaborate with advanced and globally recognized manufacturers to create and implement reliable integrated systems, security alarms, video surveillance, access control, and perimeter protection solutions. Completed projects, continuous learning, and a professional team enable us to discover a security ecosystem tailored to each project and ensure its proper functioning.
Fire detection and evacuation systems
Modern fire detection, aspirating fire detection, gas extinguishing, warning, and evacuation systems ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and create comprehensive building protection. Using the latest technologies, we help create a safe environment for business centers, shopping malls, hotels, offices, manufacturing facilities, and other buildings.
Building management systems
We work with advanced engineering automation solutions for buildings. Our team set up control, energy accounting, analysis, and energy-saving systems. We integrate globally recognized systems from manufacturers such as Siemens, Vanderbilt, Schneider Electric, Carel, and others with other technologies, design and manufacture automation panels. All this while ensuring systems' efficient functioning and tailoring them to your needs.
Industrial automation
We create and install cutting-edge systems that help automate various industrial processes. Considering clients' needs, we automate and update technological processes, providing proposals for remote control and visualization systems. We also assist in implementing solutions for energy consumption, automatic accounting, analysis, and savings.


Internal electrical engineering
We foster innovation and perfect harmony within electrical systems by crafting solutions for both indoor and outdoor electrical networks, along with controlled and integrated lighting. Our expertise extends to the installation of electrical supply and distribution equipment, lightning protection, and overvoltage protection systems. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, we aim to optimize energy efficiency and ensure the secure administration of electrical networks.
Energy efficiency solutions
Precise accounting and strategic planning of electrical energy resources are the cornerstone of project effectiveness. Our services encompass reactive energy compensation, incorporating electrical accounting systems into building management solutions, forecasting, and overseeing the management of electrical energy consumption, with consideration of market price on Nord Pool.
Solar energy solutions
Solar energy proves to be not just a sustainable but also an efficient option for those searching for alternative energy sources. Contemporary renewable energy systems offer various benefits, including being noise-free, requiring straightforward maintenance, and allowing for a return on investment to be recouped within 7-12 years.

If you are considering installing solar power plants for your project, we invite you to contact Enity. Our professional team continually enhances their competencies and is ready to offer the latest and most suitable renewable energy sources for your needs.
Energy storage and balancing
We implement energy storage systems for both industrial clients and individual consumers. For businesses, adopting energy storage facilitates the equilibrium of internal networks and the preservation of energy generated by solar or wind farms. Moreover, procuring electricity from the Nord Pool market during optimal periods proves to be a cost-effective strategy, resulting in savings when prices peak.

In 2023, Enity secured VERT permits for independent aggregation of electricity demand, empowering customers to choose Enity as an electricity supplier and partake in the Litgrid market balancing.
Electric charging stations
Smart electric vehicle charging stations cater to individuals, apartment complexes, offices, logistics centers, bus fleets, and various establishments seeking convenient electric vehicle charging. These stations seamlessly integrate with public payment systems and are installed by combining top-notch solutions from leading providers in the industry.


Our team of specialists constantly strives to ensure that the operation of your systems is flawless. Technical maintenance experts fix system malfunctions and perform preventive and equipment repair work.

By integrating the client's systems with the ITSG network, we can solve most problems remotely in just a few minutes. We use an advanced fault logging and resolution platform to ensure systems' safe and efficient operation and leave concerns behind.